TEXA’s famous diagnostic IDC3 software, used by thousands of technicians around the world, has been completely renewed.  The new IDC4 is now a global platform, which can simultaneously manage the various types of vehicles which appear in your workshop (cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and boats).

Compared to the IDC3 software, the IDC4 features a new graphical interface, a simpler selection process, new diagnostic functions, and a dedicated multimedia and customer information area.  IDC4 has been specially developed to make the life as a technician as easy as possible, despite the growing complexity of today’s vehicles.  The software provides a genuine repair guide that “suggests” what parameters you need to check, displays errors instantly, and guides you through the repair processes one step at a time.

Another key feature with the IDC4 software is the new short cut features, which allow technicians to access an ECU’s activation, adjustment and coding functions quickly after selecting the vehicle, without having to follow the traditional diagnostic path. These new short cuts will greatly reduce the time taken to access detailed ECU functionality, and ensure a faster repair time. 

The IDC4 software for CAR, TRUCK, BIKE, AGRI and MARINE  is available in two versions, one for use with the Axone 3 or your own Windows PC, the other “Pocket” for use with the AXONE hand held units.  Once installed in your chosen display unit, IDC4 can control all the TEXA diagnostic tools, including the TEXA Navigator Wireless vehicle interfaces, the UNIProbe Oscilloscope, Exhaust gas analysers, Air conditioning service stations, and the established OBD log data recorder(which supports the EOBD protocol).

If you have an internet connection in your workshop, the IDC4 software can be automatically updated, downloading the latest vehicle application data, technical bulletins, and component data sheets directly from TEXA’s central servers.

The availability of an internet connection also allows you to make full use the software’s other tremendous resource, TEXA’s exclusive Google powered ‘Search’ function.  Just enter the details identifying the make and model of the vehicle you are working on, or key words relating to the problem to obtain a list of solutions and repair procedures.

This new IDC4 software platform will be available with the next release of new software for each platform (Bike 15, Agri 3, Marine 3) and will be available free of charge to all TEXPack subscribers. For customers who do not have a valid Texpack, they can benefit from the IDC4 software by contacting their distributor and taking out a new contract.