Customer Service

constant support within the workshop


The TEX@INFO contract lets you choose exactly what services you want to subscribe to.

You can use the support provided by TEXA’s Call Centre, where an expert is always on hand to respond quickly to any problem you encounter when working on a vehicle.

You can also interrogate the vast TEXA database through the “FAULT SOLUTIONS” service, to find repair procedures already tried and tested by other mechanics around the world.
You can consult a vast number of technical bulletins describing frequently encountered problems and the ways to solve them.

Finally, you can use iSupport to obtain technical support, report software problems or request the development of a diagnostic procedure that is not yet available.


TEXPACK is an annual update contract for all five diagnostic sectors (CAR, TRUCK, BIKE, OFF-HIGHWAY and MARINE),
that ensures you can always use your diagnostic tool to its full potential.

TEXPACK lets you keep your TEXA diagnostic tool up to date with the latest market developments and ensure the fullest possible coverage of makes and models.
Subscribers can always rely on the latest diagnostic functions, interactive wiring diagrams, system drawings, detailed component data sheets, technical bulletins and mechanical specifications, in addition to brand new software functions and constantly improving vehicle coverage to keep their TEXA diagnostic tool as complete as possible.

Thanks to TEXA’s constant commitment to research and development, TEXA software currently provides over 400,000 different diagnostic solutions.