Software IDC5

diagnosis without frontiers!

IDC5: Full speed ahead!

IDC5 is the latest generation of TEXA’s renowned operating system and another step forward to assist technicians. Thanks to major improvements in code, the new system is faster than ever and guarantees virtually instant communication with a vehicle’s control units.

The graphic interface of IDC5 is designed to resemble the latest consumer applications, simplifying and making the various steps in maintenance and repair procedures more intuitive.

On top of this, all diagnostic pages have been redesigned to give a fuller view of the most relevant information and the menu has been revised and is now arranged vertically. This new solution lets you scroll rapidly through all available options without ever having to change pages. A simple touch is all that is needed to zoom in on the functions you want.

Another new function allows you view and manage vehicle parameters. These can be displayed in graphic form and can be filtered using text searches or by selecting those specifically required.

Even the downloading of updates is faster in the new software. IDC5 is designed to guarantee compatibility with the new ISO 13400 standard, also known as the Ethernet/DoIP communication protocol, using AXONE Nemo or a Windows PC.




Support for Autodiagnostics

Technical Specifications, Data sheets and Wiring Diagrams provide detailed information on the functionalities of individual systems to support autodiagnostic tests.
In addition, users can also lookup the specific mechanical data for each vehicle.




An extraordinary database containing details of all vehicles. Users can find detailed and comprehensive information on Mechanical Specifications, Wheel Alignment, Tyre Pressures, Timing Belt, Routine Maintenance, Component Locations, Component Testing and much more.




TEXA’s technical bulletins provide superbly accurate information on the selected vehicle, including instructions for performing a manual reset after servicing, overviews of specific mechatronic systems and much more.




Interactive Wiring Diagrams* let you perform more detailed fault finding by interacting with the various components shown in them. You can select specific components to identify their cables and their electrical and logical connections to other components on the wiring diagram.
* Present in part of the wiring diagrams. Increasing with the various updates.





Vehicle diagnostics is TEXA’s core business. To keep ahead of the competition, TEXA is committed to offering its customers the best possible coverage of vehicles in circulation.

The various teams operating in TEXA’s European subsidiaries have recently been complemented by new teams working directly in Asia to ensure prompt and accurate coverage for Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian vehicles.

This network guarantees customers all over the world unrivalled coverage in terms of the number of vehicles covered and the quality of the coverage provided.

To find out more about the amazing diagnostic coverage of IDC5, visit, where, you can view a complete and constantly up-to-date list of the available engines, systems and diagnostic functionalities.

Secure Gateway access
With IDC5 it is also possible to do secure gateway unlocking of FCA group vehicles
through the use of an authorised AutoAuth account.
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