Simplifying the present anticipating the future

TEXA was founded in Italy in 1992 by Mr. Bruno Vianello, a visionary
entrepreneur who was experiencing the switch to electronic control modules in the daily activities of his automotive business.

Through the years TEXA has become a leader in the design, industrialization,
and manufacturing of aftermarket diagnostic tools, AC service machines and garage equipment.

TEXA has a widespread commercial network of approximately 700 dealers in more than 100 countries and 9 branches in Spain, Germany, UK, France, Russia, USA, Poland, Japan and Brazil.

The company employs over 1000 people, of whom approximately 750 work at the headquarters in Monastier di Treviso where all the products are designed, engineered and manufactured. 

TEXA USA Inc. is the youngest TEXA branch. The office takes care of all operations in the US and Canada with
national and local dealers actively promoting the TEXA products all over North America

Thanks to a solid background in the automotive business, strong principles, and the willingness to go above and beyond to serve its customers TEXA has proven to be one of the leaders in the industry.

TEXA makes things happen!

A Certified Quality

TEXA obtained the prestigious IATF16949 certification, specific for original automotive equipment suppliers and adapted its company procedures to make them also compliant with the VDA 6.3 standard, the method used by the main vehicle manufacturers regarding the design, development, manufacture and after-sales support of the products destined to them.

To further increase the already excellent quality levels, the entire area in which the processing and manufacturing phases are performed, was certified as E.P.A. (Electrostatic-Protected Area) in compliance with the CEI EN 61340 regulations that set the criteria for the protection of electronic devices against electrostatic events.

TEXA also obtained the   ISO/IEC27001 certification thus proving its great attention to the protection of the information and data acquired by the single vehicles and managed for its Customers. Furthermore, in order to guarantee major protection in this area, in 2020 TEXA obtained the TISAX certification, a very severe standard applied by German vehicle manufacturers.