TEXA USA offers two different scan tools for automotive technicians: the NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB and the Navigator NANO S.

The first one is a multi-environment scanner which means that on top of IDC5 CAR the user can add one of the other TEXA modules (IDC5 TRUCK, OHW, BIKE or MARINE) to add vehicle coverage.
The Navigator NANO S is instead an automotive-only scan tool and it doesn’t have J2534 capabilities, the perfect entry-level scan tool for auto shops.

TEXA has also designed a powerful rugged tablet, the AXONE VOICE.


ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are designed to ensure driving safety and comfort and are becoming increasingly common in modern vehicles.

TEXA released its first ADAS solution in 2015 and is now offering its third generation unit, the RCCS3 (Radar and Camera Calibration System).

A/C Service

When it comes to AC recovery machines for vehicle repair shops TEXA is universally recognized as one of the undisputed leaders in the world.

All TEXA products are characterized by advanced technology, top quality design and robust manufacturing. The TEXA USA product range includes three different units to work on all kinds of refrigerants.

Ozone Generator

TEXA offers an innovative and highly professional solution that works on vehicles, trucks, camper vans and boats.

Its use is particularly efficient even for sanitizing small and average sized spaces like hotel rooms, bars, waiting rooms, offices and more.