TEXA is the only company in the automotive business that has developed and continuously upgrades an autodiagnostics product suitable for the OFF-HIGHWAY sector. The IDC5 OFF-HIGHWAY software offers an exceptional diagnosis efficiency, that increases at every update, thanks to the nonstop work carried out by the TEXA development team.

Products for remote diagnosis

The evolution of remote diagnosis for Off-Highway.


Sanitation solutions

In this field, TEXA offers an innovative and highly professional solution that works on vehicles, trucks, camper vans and boats.  Its use is particularly efficient even for sanitising small and average sized environments such as hotel rooms, bars, waiting rooms, offices and indoor spaces in general.


OFF-HIGHWAY Training Courses


The purpose of this manual is to provide advanced information and knowledge on TEXA's diagnostic software, to carry out the Self-diagnosis on agricultural and construction vehicles.

It is recommended for the personnel (technicians, auto electricians and mechanics) that already knows the basic principles of Self-diagnosis and has basic electromechanic knowledge, as this manual provides detailed technical indications, for the advanced functions, available with the new generations of control units used on the most modern vehicles.

For the personnel that is less expert or not adequately trained on the Self-diagnostic tools, we recommend attending the basic courses offered by TEXA's training centres first.

This manual is entirely available online and can also be downloaded locally free of charge.