TEXA is world leader in TRUCK diagnostics with NAVIGATOR TXTs, a powerful diagnostic interface that can connect over a Bluetooth link to a PC. The TEXA IDC5 TRUCK autodiagnostics environment provides direct access to individual functions, such as reading parameters and system status, reading errors, activation of individual components to check operation, and setting and calibration functions.

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TEXA’s offer for the industrial vehicle environment includes a specific technical manual that provides advanced information and knowledge on the IDC5 diagnostic software.

It is recommended for personnel (technicians, auto electricians and mechanics) that already knows the basic principles of the Self-diagnosis and has basic electro-mechanical knowledge, as this manual supplies detailed technical indications for the advanced functions available with the new generations of electronic control units used on modern vehicles.

This manual can also be accessed from inside the IDC5 diagnostic software.

This manual is entirely available online and can also be downloaded locally free of charge.