TEXA USA breaks the mold with AXONE VOICE, the first hands-free multi-environment diagnostic solution.
The new Axone Voice introduces the power of one. A single portable diagnostic device increases technician potential thanks to the innovative ways of interaction between the technician and the diagnostic software.
Made in Italy by TEXA, an OEM partner and provider OE level diagnostic coverage, the advanced IDC5 software continues to improve workshop efficiency with several new features focusing on Interaction, Authentication and Usability.

The Axone Voice is equipped with a 13.3” capacitive screen with 2560×1600 resolution, protected by a robust Gorilla Glass. On its insides, the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system is powered by an Intel® Core i5 processor with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. The connectivity, another essential element for a display unit like AXONE VOICE, is possible thanks to an advanced dual-channel Wi-Fi system and to a Bluetooth® 5.1 module. The tool has two 8 MP cameras, useful to obtain detailed customer reports, send
technical photos to the assistance service, or work directly with the remote diagnostic service team.


AXONE VOICE is the first diagnostic tool with voice control, a function developed in collaboration with Microsoft® and designed to support technicians thru all diagnostic steps. It is also the first tool that uses facial recognition to securely identify users by unlocking a series of exclusive functions to easily access diagnostic authentication procedures required by manufacturers, that require regular confirmation.

VOICE COMMANDS – Axone Voice allows activating functions from a distance or if your hands are full.
FACIAL RECOGNITION – Axone Voice provides a safe and easier account authentication to use for compatible functions or simple unlocking the tool for busy repair shop use.

“Hey TEXA” – With the voice assistant everything becomes quicker and easier. You do not have to touch the tool, simply say “Hey TEXA” and the command you need. AXONE VOICE is proactive because it spontaneously guides you through the diagnostic activities: after the selection or after the vehicle scan, AXONE VOICE directly suggests the services available, making the diagnosis work easier and quicker.

You can address your AXONE VOICE and ask it to identify the vehicle with the VIN Scan, launch an automatic scan on the control units, search for an engine code, start a diagnosis, view a certain parameter close-up thanks to a dedicated pop-up window, view wiring diagrams, bulletins, technical sheets, mechanical data, contact the call center and much more.


Why manage password access for all shop tool users each time, when AXONE VOICE can automatically confirm access for you? Remembering and managing the credentials required to access the manufacturers’ portals is now easy and safe, simply by using the facial recognition feature. Easily unlock the tool to activate access to the tool, or access to various diagnostic functions or systems required by the OE manufacturers.

TEXA guarantees the privacy of your data. TEXA designed AXONE VOICE with several functions to protect your privacy. At any time, using the specific control or dedicated button, you can disable the microphone. The facial recognition function can also be enabled and disabled as needed.

Why is it now easier to carry out the PassThru diagnosis or authenticated diagnosis using AXONE VOICE?

When connecting to the vehicle manufacturer’s website, for example to update an electronic control unit in the vehicle, the diagnostic tool must remain connected to the Internet and to the mains even for several hours using up a considerable amount of energy. With AXONE VOICE this will no longer be a problem and the Internet connection will remain stable and 100% compatible with the specifications by all manufacturers.

Up to today, to download the manufacturer software programs and carry out the PassThru and authenticated diagnoses, a powerful workstation was needed, capable of downloading a large amount of data. Now the same operations can be carried out directly from AXONE VOICE because it uses a powerful board able to manage several functions simultaneously and to download very heavy files. With AXONE VOICE you can carry
out all the PassThru and authenticated diagnoses without having to use another external PC (Workstation).


The diagnosis and database on the big screen. AXONE VOICE is equipped with a 13.3” multi-touch screen, one of the biggest among the display units on the market with a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 pixels.

Nowadays why should you have a diagnostic solution that is both fixed and portable?

The large screen allows using the tool at a distance. If, for example, you have to perform an adjustment on a certain device, it is important to have free hands and look at the screen that is displaying the parameter you have to adjust. Up to today, you could do this only using a fixed solution at the expense of a portable one. Up to today, with a portable system it was impossible to use your hands to hold the diagnostic tool and work on the vehicle simultaneously. AXONE VOICE goes beyond this distinction and uses the features of both,
guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

Other than talking and listening, it flexes its muscles AXONE VOICE boasts exceptional technological features. AXONE VOICE was built to become the most powerful and high-performing diagnostic display unit on the market. And looking at its equipment, it surely seems that the goal has been reached.

CAMERAS – AXONE VOICE is equipped with two 8 MP cameras, one in the front and one in the back. The first one is used for the facial recognition, the second one is more useful during remote assistance to allow the TEXA Call Center to see in real time the conditions of the vehicle, even to check its correct positioning during the ADAS calibration.

MAGNETIC DOCKING – You can expand the connectivity of AXONE VOICE with four 3.0 USB sockets, essential for connecting for example to the VCI for the PassThru diagnoses, or to other external devices such as a keyboard, a printer, etc…

HANDLE – A practical ergonomic and adjustable handle useful to transport AXONE VOICE, to fasten it to the vehicle’s steering wheel or to lay it onto irregular surfaces maintaining an optimal visibility of the monitor by repair technicians.


TEXA IDC5 software provides smarter connectivity for multi-environment vehicle connection by use with the TEXA TXT Multihub to easily adapt to any vehicle interface. Support a versatile multi-brand modular advanced diagnostic environment capable of scanning passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, boats, agricultural and construction vehicles by operating all of the TEXA IDC5 Licenses. Today’s repair
specialists must be capable of working at their best on a range of complex vehicle types and systems while using different diagnostic protocols and connection modes.

The TEXA AXONE VOICE was built to become the most powerful and high-performing advanced diagnostic display unit on the market and looking at its new software foundation and enhanced equipment, it surely seems that the goal has been reached.

Previously released at the November 2022 AAPEX trade show, the product inventory is now available. Contact the TEXA USA team to discuss questions or confirm local dealers you can purchase the new TEXA AXONE VOICE and licenses to operate the TEXA IDC5 software for the vehicles your team is repairing.



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